Most of us know what we want as we consider designing our homes; to create a comfortable environment to come home to, plop down on the cozy couch and enjoy the serenity our home provides.

So simple, right... Hmmm, maybe not. We all feel we can pull together a few sofas, chairs, coffee table, lamp and rug and call it a day. But how does it look, or how does it feel? Pulled together? Special? Or maybe it’s time to call in an expert who can decipher exactly what you always envisioned, but couldn’t articulate.

Below is our list of top 7 reasons to hire an interior designer.

1. Saving Money

  • An Interior Designer will guide and support a client in the selection of furnishings, saving invaluable money as well as time. You will save money by avoiding costly mistakes, such as wrong size, color, proportion or appropriateness of materials. Guiding you on merits of better made furniture and how to identify them is also a common money saver.

2. Saving Time

  • An Interior Designer can serve as a professional project manager and co-ordinate your renovation ensuring the project gets done seamlessly, on time and cost effectively.

3. Resource for Trusted Knowledgeable Contractors

  • An Interior Designer knows whose is reputable, won’t overcharge, and performs quality work.
  • A licensed Interior Designer is knowledgeable regarding safety, fire, load bearing, and building codes so you can feel confident in your home.

4. Creative Ideas

  • Helps you discover what you really want, but can’t articulate – “I’ll know it when I see it”.
  • Trained in color theory, so they will help you choose just the perfect color scheme for your walls, fabrics & rugs.
  • Provide creative solutions to design dilemmas that trouble home owners.

5. Superior Materials

  • Access to unique resources and experienced craftspeople that provide a custom look that reflects your design aesthetic.

6. Better Results

  • Your project becomes a successfully executed design plan, that flows from room to room.
  • Furnishings are purchased to scale, so they fit in the front door, and work perfectly in your space.
  • Add value by solving design problems.

7. Increased Home Value

  • Quality interior design is an investment in your home. When the day comes to sell your home, move in ready is what buyers are looking for. By selling a home that looks great, thanks to the help from your friendly neighborhood Interior Designer, you will likely be receiving more offers of higher amounts. The last thing you want when selling a home is for potential buyers to leave with a disappointed first impression.

Ultimately hiring an interior designer is a matter of adding value to your home, rather than an expense. Every home benefits from great interior design. Do you think hiring an expert will give you a better result?


  1. Crans Baldwin on March 21, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Susan, this is one of the best statements on the benefits of a professional interior designer that I have ever read. Thanks

    • susan Marocco on March 21, 2018 at 4:30 pm

      Thank you Crans, it means allot coming from someone with your background and experience.

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