bacteria free interior design materialsDo you wish you had a magic wand? Knew of a product that would be easier to clean and more resistant to stains and bacteria? Provide for a cleaner environment?

Today I attended a seminar about a new tile that does just that. An innovative hydrotect technology, designed to purify the air and remove toxins from the environment has been refined by a German tile manufacture. Photocatalyst oxidizers which utilize titanium dioxide as the catalyst are added to the tile during the firing process of making the tile.

  • For residential applications it can be used in kitchens, baths, pool surrounds (tile is frost proof) and just about anywhere you would install tile for your walls or floors.
  • For commercial applications, perfect for gyms, locker rooms, hospitals, schools, nursing homes.
  • This unique technology is effective against the growth of bacteria, dirt and odors. Decomposes mold and mildew.
  • With just water, stubborn dirt like lime scale and grease are removed.
  • Environmentally friendly, contributing to the cleanliness of the air we breathe by killing airborne pollutants.
  • Safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.
  • No harsh cleaners needed, only water & ph neutral cleaners.
  • Guaranteed effective for the lifetime of the tile.
  • Tiles come in multi sizes, colors, textures, & designs.

If you are considering designing a kitchen or bath, or any room that hydrotect technology tile may be suitable, contact us, or give us a call at 1-914-234-7066 and we can discuss if this new tile may be an option for your design, and how we can help with the project.

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