You’ve tackled the difficult part of a kitchen renovation – selecting the new cabinets, appliances, counter tops and backsplash. Whew! You thought you were done! Now for the details, the little nuances that change a project from “OK” to “WOW!”

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Here are 6 Paint/Stain Finishes to consider when selecting your kitchen cabinets:

1. Hi-Gloss

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  • Very durable and easy to clean
  • Contemporary
  • The reflection can make the room appear larger


  • Shows every imperfection
  • Process is time consuming, so more costly application


2. Semi-Gloss

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  • Uniform, smooth look
  • Resistant to scrubbing, wipes clean, easy maintenance
  • Less expensive than hi-gloss
  • Combines aesthetics and function, most popular option


  • Shows some imperfections because of the reflection, but less than Hi-Gloss


3. Opaque


  • Hides imperfections better than semi-gloss because it absorbs light.


  • Natural wood grain not as visible.


4. Matte


  • Conceals imperfections better than semi-gloss because it absorbs light.


  • Not as durable
  • Not as easy to clean
  • Color may seem dull compared with a gloss finish


5. Glaze:

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  • A semi-transparent wash of color applied over a paint/stain adds more dimension and detail and accentuates the graining.


  • Coverage is not meant to be uniform, so cabinet crevices may appear darker, but that is the appeal of glaze.


6. Stain:

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Adds color to wood allowing you to still see the graining and pattern.


All of the imperfections of the wood are visible.

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