We all know that an Interior Designer can bring their expertise in drafting floors plans, purchasing furniture that is the correct scale for the room, selecting fabric choices for upholstery, drapery and pillows, AND of course, the big one, saving you time and $$$$. But what else can they do?


Interior Designers can work with you in three ways –

1. They can serve as your guide, playing the role of a “counselor” providing advice, guidelines, & explore options with you. Basically they provide a “shopping list” for you to feel confident that you can now do this on your own and purchase what you need at retail stores.

interior designer with clients2. Alternatively, they can be of assistance as a “foreman”- responsible for implementing the entire design project. In this role, listening and asking lots of questions to learn how YOU envision the completed project is paramount to an outstanding outcome. It is YOUR home and it is our greatest pleasure to ensure you are thrilled with the outcome.

The interior designer not only drafts the floor plans, but also does the sourcing for all of the furniture, carpet, fabrics, stone, tile, fixtures etc. Samples are brought to you for your approval. Or if you prefer you can join in on the shopping. It’s always important to sit on furniture to make sure it’s comfortable for your particular preferences.

Why You Need an Interior Designer - Susan Marocco Interiors

If you have having window treatments made, the fabric options will be shown to you and then design options selected. Then the interior designer has her workroom manufacture and install.


If you would like to renovate your kitchen or bath the interior design will not only source all of the necessary items – cabinets, flooring, counter tops, hardware, fixtures, lighting, but also act as the project manager and hire the sub-contractors and supervise the project so it is turn key for you.

Our job is to take care of all of the hassles, so you enjoy the beautiful finished project.


3. And the third way is a blending of 1 & 2. The interior designer can work with you on some aspects of the project as just the “counselor”.

They can purchase items for you at retail- smart purchases can be found at lots of outlets, retail stores, estate sales, Home Goods & catalogs.

And they can also serve as the “foreman” on parts of the design project where appropriate.

If you are considering a design project or renovation, please call us and we can discuss what approach would work best for you, your lifestyle and budget.

Design News


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2. Annual Luncheon & Fashion Show- Pink Aid- Sept 29th 11:30 Mitchells, 670 Post Road East, Westport, Ct. Guest speaker Joan Lunden. Fashions by Vince. Silent Auction including a Mongolian Lamb pouf with stud antique gold leaf legs donated by Susan Marocco Interiors.

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