They say that the #1 thing people are afraid of is public speaking. But as an Interior Designer, I’d like to add – choosing a paint color.

A dreaded task – what to paint the room, the adjacent room, the entire house. An overwhelming process. When in doubt, there’s always “Linen White”- an acceptable neutral that’s easy on the eyes and seems to go with everything, seems to be the fall back option.

Many first start by asking their friends – what do you think? Then there’s the trip to the local paint store and the Benjamin Moore Fan Book which has a myriad of color choices. Now it’s even more confusing. Maybe the guy behind the counter can help. Or the painter, surely he knows what’s best. Another solution, now that Benjamin Moore has those 2oz. sample bottles, is to purchase several and try them on the walls. Hmmm darker than I thought, too light, too cool, too warm… Too many choices.

To the rescue are those who specialize in paint color selection and truly have an eye for color. They will look at your home, your fabrics, delve into which colors you truly love, which ones make you smile, make you happy, put a glow on your complexion and most importantly enhance your home.

Changing a paint color can be an inexpensive way to transform your space. If you are stuck in the above rut, contact me. I spent the first 20+ years of my career developing my eye for color creating lipsticks, nail enamels, eye shadow and blush for some of the leading cosmetic companies. Now that honed skill can apply to your paint selections.

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