Interior Design

Most of us know what we want as we consider designing our homes; to create a comfortable environment to come home to, plop down on the cozy couch and enjoy the serenity our home provides.

So simple, right? Hmmm, maybe not.  We all feel we can pull together a few sofas, chairs, coffee table, lamp, and rug and call it a day.  But how does it look, or how does it feel?  Pulled together?  Special?  Or maybe it’s time to call in an expert who can decode exactly what you always envisioned, but couldn’t articulate.

What is the Difference Between An Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

Interior Designer

Interior Designers – are trained professionals, educated with a degree in Interior Design.  This knowledge ensures that the interior spaces they design are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and safe following building codes and regulations.  Interior Designers develop floor plans for space planning as well as select furnishings, window treatments, lighting, rugs, art work and paint colors.  In addition, they collaborate with contractors to renovate your kitchens or baths.

  • College degree in Interior Design
  • Knowledgeable regarding safety, fire, load bearing and building codes
  • Eligible for membership in American Society of Interior Designers, ASID
  • Trained in space planning, scale and proportion
  • Trained in color theory, hues to create the ideal color scheme

Interior Decorator

Interior decorating careers involve creatively designing interior spaces. Interior decorators use color, furniture, window coverings, paint, lighting and artwork to create functional, comfortable spaces that fit their client's style of interior decor.

  • Creative individual focused on interior decoration with a flair for color, fabrics and furnishings

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer has the following advantages:

  • Trained in space planning and Interior Designing principles
  • Access to unique resources & experienced craftspeople that provide a custom look that speaks to your design aesthetic
  • Project can be turnkey = seamless & cost effective
  • Guide & support client in their selection of furnishings, saving valuable time & money
  • Provide creative solutions to design dilemma’s
  • Place orders, track status, delivery and installation

Does It Actually Save You Money?

An Interior Designer will measure and develop floor plans to avoid costly mistakes of furniture being the wrong scale and proportion. Does it fit through the door? Down the stairs?

An Interior Designer has greater knowledge of products, variety and appropriateness of materials. It’s all in the details.

An Interior Designer can be a source of referral for developing a team - Architect+ Interior Designer+ Contractor for your interior remodeling project.

An Interior Designer can exceed your expectations and maybe even create a more exciting project than you could have imagined.

Will an Interior Designer “Bully” Me to Purchase Furnishings I Really Don’t like or Can’t Afford?

Choosing the right Interior Designer is so crucial. Choose an Interior Designer that you feel comfortable with, that you feel in sync with.  One that asks a lot of questions to truly understand exactly how you envision the project.  Who will use the space, your lifestyle, preferences and budget. If you're looking for one of the best Interior Designers in Westchester County, NY then call Susan Marocco Interiors today!