Have You Found Your Personal Tranquility?

Stand alone bathtubs have been a design feature for a while. But we decided to explore other options than the usual white soaking tub. Come take a look at all of the other choices you might not have considered.

Bathroom Designer Marble Tub - Susan Marocco Interiors
Kreoo tub made from one block of marble offers a spa like soak in a work of art.

Soft, organic shapes, in a variety of materials are among the hottest trends in soaking tubs right now. The tub becomes the focal point, and the other accents like vanities and linen cabinets are often designed around the tub.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Copper Bathroom Tub - Susan Marocco Interiors
The warm metallic sheen of the copper can look traditional or very contemporary depending on the design of the rest of the room.
Wooden Bathtub - Susan Marocco Interiors
This luxurious wood tub combines the craftsmanship of fine art, smooth texture, soft organic curves.
Verona-Grey-Freestanding-Modern-Bathtub - Susan Marocco Interiors
Verona Grey freestanding tub.
Cumulo_Granite_Papillon_Bathtub - Susan Marocco Interiors
Cumulo granite with sinuous graining.
Round Stone Tub - Susan Marocco Interiors
Round stone tub ideal for a meditative space.
Zinc Bathtub - Susan Marocco Interiors
Zinc, a great alternative to white
Milan-Freestanding-Bath - Susan Marocco Interiors
Modern square roll top with chrome legs.
Classic White Soaking Tub - Susan Marocco Interiors
Classic white soaking tub with high sloping back.

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