The Biltmore Gardens were originally designed by one of America’s foremost landscape architect’s Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1880’s. This was his last work, with Central Park his first great work. His genius for design and his love of nature are visible today throughout the 8,000-acre estate where today horticultural experts preserve Olmsted’s original vision for the gardens.

Here is a brief tour of some of the highlights-

The rose garden is planted with more than 2,300 roses with 250 varieties. The arched arbor of Cecile Brunner roses.

Biltmore Gardens - Interior Design Westchester County
Dramatic weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
Biltmore Gardens - Interior Decorator New York
Fountain Buddleia
Biltmore Gardens - Interior Design New York
Fun animal topiaries for purchase in the garden store

The Walled Garden abloom with thousands of daffodils and Dutch tulips in Spring.

The Azalea Garden – 15-acres of fabulous array of more than 1,000 azaleas, representing 12 native species and countless hybrids thrive in the gardens.

It is inspiration like this that is infused strolling the gardens that I draw upon when working with clients. Not only to enhance the inside of their residence, but also their landscaping. As an Interior Designer, I design not only the look, feel and touch of their inner sanctuary, but the approach, ensuring both the exterior and interior meld.

Here’s a peek at some of the work I’ve done for clients –

Susan Marocco Interiors Dollhouse
Every little girl wants a Doll House complete with its own flower bed
Susan Marocco Interiors Stonework
Stone work and patio
Susan Marocco Interiors - Stonework and Landscaping
Planting for all seasons of beauty
Susan Marocco Interiors Christmas Decorations
Moss Deer as a part of the holiday decorations
Susan Marocco Interiors Spring Decorations
Susan Marocco Interiors Halloween Decorations

Interior Design News

1. “Van Gogh: Irises and Roses” Metropolitan Museum. Four flower paintings reunited for the first time since Van Gogh’s death. Thru August 16th.

Van Gogh

2. A Sense of Place: Houses on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, by Mark Hutker.  Perfect for summer reading- creative solutions and gorgeous and livable home designs by Hutker Architects.

A Sense of Place Houses on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod

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