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Many times a landscaping design project which starts within the client's interior, often extends to the outside.  It is the approach, after all, that sets the mood, and tone for who lives in the home, and their style.

I was fortunate to not only have the opportunity to renovate this client's kitchen and bathrooms, but to landscape their home, and add a new deck and stone patio.

Our collaboration continues each season, as I change the annuals and reset the stage for the next season. We provided landscape design for this home in Harrison, New York.

  • The front of the home was completely transformed.  We painted the house from the existing grey to a warm yellow.
  • The old foundation plantings were removed and a new design layout was installed.
  • Perennials were planned so that there were always flowers in bloom during the spring and summer, and berry and evergreen interest during the fall and winter.
  • A Flagstone walkway was installed and stone walls were rebuilt.
  • A Belgium block apron was added to the driveway.  Pillars, Boxwoods, and Nepeta grace the entrance, while path lighting directs you to the house.
  • An old deck was dismantled and replaced with a mahogany one along with a storage area underneath, concealed by lattice.
  • A flagstone patio was built and a graded walkway installed to minimize the steep slope from the patio to the driveway.
  • Each season we change the annuals - in the summer, even the children's dollhouse has pretty flowers.

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