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Burr, the nights are starting to get a chill in the air and we’re starting to think about that first Fall fire and how mesmerizing the dancing flames can be.

I love the smell of a wood burning fire, but there are other options you may want to consider.

If chopping wood, or purchasing a cord of wood, and then lugging the wood into your home is not quite up your alley, here are two alternatives.

A Gas Fireplace

Yes, it does surprisingly emit heat. If you already have gas coming into your home, that’s half the battle. Otherwise, a propane tank will do the trick.

Recently I had a client who had a wood burning fireplace in their Master Bedroom. Having lived in the house for many years, and never used the fireplace, they decided to change to gas.  After all, lugging wood up the stairs and into the bedroom was always a daunting task.

My client already had gas, so this was an easy renovation.


While we were retrofitting the fireplace, we added a bit of a facelift.

New marble surround transformed the outdated brick.  New mirror and accessories updated the mantle.


Ok, so no gas, what else? Electric

A quick fix for those wanting the tranquil atmosphere of a fire, but not the hassle of wood or lack of availability of gas.


As you can see in this picture, we started this project with no fireplace at all!  Despite the fact that this was a commercial application, the same concepts apply.

First, we designed the fireplace surround.  We place a prototype in the location just to “measure twice” before our millworkers started to build.  This also allowed us to work with our clients to help them better visualize what the end product would look like.

Susan Marocco Interiors - IMG_4294

A stunning black and gold Belvedere Marble was chosen for the fireplace surround.

Susan Marocco Interiors - IMG_4240
Susan Marocco Interiors - IMG_4911

Finished fireplace.  With just a flick of a switch, the flames appear.  Even better, the on/off timing can be programmed.

Susan Marocco Interiors - IMG_5820

If you are thinking of updating your fireplace or changing to gas or electric, give us a call.  Susan Marocco Interiors 914.234.7066.

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