Interior Designer’s can bring their expertise in drafting floor plans, purchasing of furniture that is the correct scale for the room, recommending fabric choices for upholstery, drapery, and pillows that create a pulled together cohesive look. And help you with the myriad decisions of kitchen and bath renovations.

Interior Designer Westchester NY

It is the attention to details that makes for a beautiful setting, transforming your house into a home you truly enjoy and makes you feel good.

  1. Start slow. Discuss the full scope of your project, understand the process, and agree on a time frame and a budget. You are entering into a partnership with your designer, so this has to be a relationship based on trust, comfort and communication. Make sure you understand the terms of your agreement well. It is important to structure a fee schedule that is transparent. Designers have different approaches to billing, whether it is a retainer, an hourly fee, mark-up on a trade discount, or a combination of terms depending on the scope of the project. Make sure you educate yourself in finding what suits your budget and personality.
  2. If you enjoy the creative aspects of interior design and know what you like, outline what role you would like to maintain throughout the project. It is helpful for the designer and yourself to review your collection of tear sheets in order to identify what elements of design appeal to you. Your choices will be the foundation to help your designer find her/his creative inspiration.
  3. Take a look at the interior designer’s previous projects. Ask for references and actually call them. Some Designers can be very creative but fall short on the administrative end. It is equally important to have the behind the scene details expedited, and the ability to problem solve if the need arises.
  4. By hiring an Interior Designer you will be given a “Master Plan”. This Master Plan will prevent you from purchasing home furnishings and accessories that don’t fit into the scheme of your home. Our basements are full of ‘wrong purchases’. An Interior Designer can make these mistakes avoidable.

Choose a professional that can work in tandem with you to create a home for yourself and your family. Let them design your dreams and perhaps show you a few new ones.

Please feel free to contact me or give me a call and we can get started on your home transformation right away!

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