Have you ever run your hand along a super soft leather sofa or bench and wondered where did they get that fab leather? Let me share with you a “Designer Secret Resource”.

Susan Marocco Interiors - Tufted BenchI’ve recently purchased a Holly Hunt bench for a client with a sculptured cast bronze metal base, the perfect balance of form & function.

Holly Hunt BenchWe wanted to cover it in a leather. So here we are at Dualoy Leather looking at hides.

Susan Marocco Interiors Hide SamplesDualoy Leather is a 50 year old family business which has a showroom on the west side of NYC that boasts the largest selection of world-class leathers, suedes, zebra rugs, parchment and much more.

Our first order of business was to make sure the rug which we had previously purchased (rug always first, fabric second is my design mantra), co-ordinates with the hides we will look at.  To ensure this without dragging the rug with us, I’ve brought along “Poms”- tiny samples of wool that represent the colors of the rug.

How about this crocodile embossed leather?

Or the ostrich?

Susan Marocco Interiors - Ostrich SkinWe considered the ostrich for that WOW factor in the client’s entrance- but the hides aren’t wide enough for the bench and we didn’t want a seam down the middle.

Ultimately we chose this perforated suede in a dark grey blue.

Will share with you the results when completed.  Next step, leather to be ordered from Italy and then Holly Hunt to complete.

Thinking about a leather sofa or bench?  Please contact me. 914.234.7066

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