Do you think of concrete as a commercial material or perhaps the flooring of your unfinished basement? It’s come a long way! It incorporates the beauty of natural stone, providing a warm surface with a multitude of tonal variations.

  • Offered in matte, soft glow and a high gloss finish
  • Can be hand stained creating custom patterns
  • Completely water and stain proof
  • Scratch resistance
  • Can be manufactured to look like bronze, limestone, leather, soapstone or matched to any paint color
  • No limitation on size, so no seams
  • A green product, 1/3 less carbon footprint, manufactured with rain water
  • Can have a 24″ overhang without need of a support
  • Applications – counter tops, fireplace surround, tables

Richard demonstrated stain proof qualities – applied red permanent marker, jelly, mustard, Clorox, olive oil, WD-40, acetone, and Worcestershire sauce to a white concrete slab. Sealed it all with a pot of boiling hot water. And then let it sit. He cleaned it with water and a scotch brite. I’m a believer!




Samples of concrete counters:


This metal oxidizes over time naturally to a darker patinated finish. But can be made to look old, eliminating that “shinny copper finish” right from the start creating an old country charm. It will only turn green if it is an exterior application.

  • Available in a matte, patinated or mirror polish finish
  • Backsplashes and counters can be flat, diamond quilted or machine hammered
  • Antiquing and distressing are also an option
  • Clean with windex. Salt & lemon juice will remove the aged patina
  • Decorative rivets can be added to the profile edges – a great application for a wet bar
  • Applications – counter tops, sinks, backsplashes, panels, range hoods and specialty furniture

Copper Applications:


Zinc is a soft metal that is regaining popularity as a kitchen counter top material. Zinc is not quite as shiny as stainless steel and has a pewter appearance.

With its silver and grayish tones, zinc brings an old world antique feel to a kitchen rather than the modern or contemporary look that is achieved with stainless steel.

  • Available in matte, high polish, antique or distressed hand hammered finishes
  • It is softer than stainless steel and will scratch more easily
  • Overtime is will also develop a patina finish
  • It has microbicrobal properties
  • Clean with windex, or soap and water
  • Acid will make the finish dark, Clorox will ruin the finish
  • On larger counter tops you will see the seam, so it needs to be part of the design

Zinc Applications:

A behind the scenes look at where the concrete countertops are fabricated.

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