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So, What Size Rug Do I Really Need?

Best Choices for Rugs

Rugs take up most of the visual space in a room, so it’s important to choose the correct size, a design you love, made in the materials that work for your lifestyle. Rug Sizes 101 Ideally, the rug would be the first thing you purchase for a space. This may surprise you. When I first…

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Total Kitchen Renovation in 30 Days

Completed Kitchen Renovation

Our firm was fortunate to be selected to renovate this kitchen. Over the past 20+ years we have transformed many client’s kitchens. But this one presented a BIG challenge – complete the renovation in ONE month – and we stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge. An impossible task, perhaps. But Susan Marocco…

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Soaking Tubs for the Perfect Bathroom Remodel


Have You Found Your Personal Tranquility? Stand alone bathtubs have been a design feature for a while. But we decided to explore other options than the usual white soaking tub. Come take a look at all of the other choices you might not have considered. Kreoo tub made from one block of marble offers a…

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Concrete, Copper and Zinc in the Kitchen

Concrete Do you think of concrete as a commercial material or perhaps the flooring of your unfinished basement? It’s come a long way! It incorporates the beauty of natural stone, providing a warm surface with a multitude of tonal variations. Offered in matte, soft glow and a high gloss finish Can be hand stained creating…

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Master Bath Transformation

Master Bath Renovation by Susan Marocco Interiors

Our firm was fortunate to be selected to renovate this master bathroom. Over the past 20+ years we have transformed many client’s bathrooms. But this one presented a unique challenge – one of the walls had a slanted ceiling which made the creative process a bit more challenging. BUT, we at Susan Marocco Interiors were…

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Kitchen Facelift

Kitchen Remodel - Susan Marocco Interiors - 6874

Is your kitchen looking tired? Are you considering a renovation, but don’t want to either spend quite that much money? Or you just can’t bear the mess of a total gut right now? We recently had a client that felt the same way. We updated their kitchen, transforming it to look brand new. Kitchen Remodel…

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Downsizing or Just Refreshing – Repurpose, Renew, Refine

Susan Marocco Interiors - house remodel - 6470

Are you downsizing or just moving to a new home? Considering how and where to put your existing furniture? We have helped many client’s repurpose, renew and refine what they already have. Transforming the dated look to a new more vibrant scheme. Repurpose, Renew, Refine Recently a client of ours moved and loved their current…

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35 Creative Children’s Rooms

35 Creative Children’s Rooms

Let’s go beyond the yawn of Blue is for boys and pink is for girls bedroom schemes. Dering Hall shares 35 fun out of the box creative children’s bedrooms. Interested in creating your own magic for your children, please give Susan Marocco Interiors a call 914.234.7066 and we can collaborate with you to design and…

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Happy Thanksgiving, From Our Home To Yours!

rockwell turkey

At this time of year, we reflect on how fortunate we are to be able to work with such wonderful clients, suppliers and friends. We are grateful for our progress and success. At Susan Marocco Interiors we wish you and all of your loved ones a bountiful Thanksgiving. We look forward to collaborating with you…

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Options to a Wood Burning Fireplace – gas or electric?

Chateau-du-Grand-Luce-via-Quintessence - fireplace wood burning

Burr, the nights are starting to get a chill in the air and we’re starting to think about that first Fall fire and how mesmerizing the dancing flames can be. I love the smell of a wood burning fire, but there are other options you may want to consider. If chopping wood, or purchasing a…

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