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Are you stressed out during this holiday season?

Preparing for family and friends can be a joy, but also a source of stress as we look to make everything perfect.

We recently had a chance to contribute some thoughts to Westchester Home Magazine, which you can read below.

Many times there are simple things that we can do that make a big difference. Sometimes a festive wreath or colorful arrangement of flowers can be an easy way to set the tone.

Do you have a favorite idea for your holiday season?

Let us share these ideas and make everyone's holidays a bit more fun and a lot less stressful!

At this time of year, we reflect on how fortunate we are to be able to work with such wonderful clients, suppliers and friends. We are grateful for our progress and success.

Westchester Home - Fall 2016 - Cover
Westchester Home - Fall 2016
Check out tips featured in Westchester Home Magazine by Susan Marocco Interiors.

"For me, welcoming guests starts at the front door. Seasonally, I place a wreath on the door that sets the tone and says, 'Welcome to our home.' At our entrance table are flowers; a mix of white and red amaryllis, magnolia leaves, and pine cones for the holidays. Another key component is the preparation before guests arrive. I want to participate in the festivities as much as my guests. Planning and cooking ahead allow me to be with my guests and not in the kitchen."

Wreath on the Door - Susan Marocco Interiors

At Susan Marocco Interiors we wish you and all of your loved ones a bountiful Thanksgiving.  We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

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