Transforming a client’s home is always so rewarding. We were thrilled to work on this fireplace in a 100 year old home.

Working on an older home always brings with it potential challenges. What will we find behind the walls? But exploring all options before starting on the project, and conferring with mason and marble experts minimizes the possibility for “surprises”.

The fireplace is located in the family’s living room and is the focal point of the space. The client wanted to update the surround. But given the age, we had to do more than just a cosmetic re-facing.

Some investigating had to be done before a design plan could be undertaken. The black soot on the face of the limestone told us that in the past a robust fire had burned in the fireplace. More importantly, we discovered a space behind the limestone in which possible fire may have traveled.

The existing crumbling limestone had to be removed by our mason and the space between sealed. This left us with a brick face.

Preparing for Fireplace Renovation Chappaqua, NY

Now the fun part! We went to Fordham Marble and selected this beautiful Calacatta Cervaioles Marble.

Marble Slab for Fireplace Chappaqua, NY

Installing the marble surround had two hurdles –

1. If we set the marble on top of the brick hearth it would be raised about 1” or so and possibly a tripping hazard. No worries – our marble installers jack-hammered the brick to create a lower plane and then the marble hearth was flush with the surrounding wood floor.

Installing a Marble Fireplace Chappaqua, NY
Marble Fireplace Installation Chappaqua, NY

2. The existing wood mantel had decorative plinths that had to be fabricated around EXACTLY, no room for spaces or misalignment. But again, our fabulous fabricators from Fordham Marble did it again!

Custom Fireplaces in Chappaqua, NY
Custom Fireplace Chappaqua, Ny

The end result is this stunning marble surround fireplace!

Fireplace Remodeling Chappaqua, NY

If you have a dated fireplace that you would like us to renovate, or if you're building a new one, we can create a fireplace to suit your design needs – wood burning or gas. Please feel free to contact us at 914.234.7066.

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  1. Mike Farrell on January 14, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Wow! What an incredible job making sure that the three pieces of marble on the face lined up with all the veins in the stone. What an incredible job!

    • Susan on February 6, 2020 at 2:36 pm

      Thank you Mike. We worked with very talented fabricators and installers at Fordham Mable

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