The idea of remodeling can be very appealing when you are considering an update or change to the functionality of your space. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your home and on the updates you want to consider.

Maybe last year you had ample space for entertaining, but lacked a room to host out of town guests. Perhaps your kitchen and baths are tired and outdated and can be modernized to include so many more energy efficient appliances. Remodeling can enhance function as well as design.

  1. I recommend talking to an interior designer that specializes in construction design before you talk to your contractor. As a designer, I call in the contractor, and in some cases, an architect, early in the process to look at the proposed work to make sure there are not any structural limitations. A team of designer-architect-contractor brings 3 professionals together with different skill sets to ensure all aspects of the project are considered upfront to maximize the results.
  2. Discuss the impact of a remodeling project on your life and your family. It can be extremely stressful and you need to be prepared for the disruption. I usually recommend moving out if it is a large-scale remodel. It is difficult to live with the dust, disruption, and contractors in your home.
  3. If you have older pets, please have someone else take care of them during the remodel. The noise and dust is just as disturbing to your furry friends.
  4. If you are doing a kitchen remodel and you are staying in the home, have your contractor set up a mini-kitchen for you in the garage or other area that is accessible. Otherwise, your budget will need to include eating out for the time of the remodel, or lots of barbeques.
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  6. Don’t start a remodel until all of the materials are on site. An unexpected long lead time or out of stock situation will certainly delay your planned finished date.

The good news is, when it is all over and you are now enjoying your new addition, kitchen, or bath you will be so pleased you decided to do so.

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