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4 Solutions for Problem Windows

Do you have a problem window that you just can’t figure out how to add a window treatment to? How would a shade or panel enhance the room? Window treatments not only frame the windows, they add that finished touch that pulls the room together. Choosing the appropriate treatment for the room and your home is the key. We will explore 4 different treatment options that may be the perfect solution for your home.

1. Lining up 8 windows with Hobbled Shades.

We designed for a young girl’s bedroom, shades with a co-coordinating valance.

Our client wanted to ensure that all of the shades would line up exactly and it would be easy for her eight-year-old to operate. For a young girl, this task might be difficult if the shades were designed to raise and lower manually. But, to solve the problem, we added a motorized shade system and hid the mechanism with the valance. A wall switch was added with pre-programmed multiple shade height options so that all of the shades were synchronized. Now, with a push of a button, the shades rise and lower effortlessly and silently.


2. How to let in the view and sunlight but frame the windows.

For our client’s master bedroom, they wanted a light and airy feel, but wanted to also frame the windows. Since it was their master bedroom, we also wanted to create a soothing, zen-sense of calm – dreamy, restful, sweet dreams.

Sheer fabric was draped around curtain rods, framing the windows, but letting in the sunshine and view.



3. How to lower the shade near the bathtub for privacy.

You could step into the tub and manually pull down the shade, but for our client, we installed both a wall switch and a remote control so the shade could be lowered effortlessly.


4. Bay Windows – is it one big window or several.

We chose to design inside mounted shades for each window. A soft roman shade frames each window. A built-in window seat makes a cozy spot for breakfast.



If you are in need of a design solution for your problem windows, please email us, or give us a call at (914) 234-7066.

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