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Bathroom Design

When considering bathroom remodel ideas you may want to classify your bathrooms into one of these three categories:

  • Master Bathroom
  • Children’s Bathroom
  • Powder Room

Each category might differ in the design and budget based on its use and location in your home.

Master Bathroom Designs

For instance, if you are exploring a bathroom remodeling of your Master Bath, an Interior Designer can collaborate with you to create that sanctuary you have always dreamed about. A professional Interior Designer will stay current on all of the latest options and recommend those based on your lifestyle and budget.

New York Interior Design - Mirror TV

A Master bathroom renovation might include some of the latest technology such as a TV embedded in your mirror, steam showers and jets that are individually programmed to your preferences.

Have you considered a gas fireplace to truly sooth you as you soak in your tub with heated back rest and thermal jets?

How about the ultimate luxury of heated floor?

Children’s Bathroom Designs

Your children’s bathroom designs might include concepts that are more playful and age appropriate.  This might be accomplished by keeping the fixtures, stone & tile in keeping with the architecture and design style of your home, but also personalizing with your children’s interest with the window treatments, shower curtain, toothpaste holder.  All items that can easily be updated.

Powder Room Designs

Usually a smaller space might be renovated by incorporating a decorative mirror, sconces, decorative paint or wallpaper.  All of these elements will transpose your powder room into a jewel box.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, please contact us.  We will guide you through all phases of your project.  We will share with you bathroom design ideas that you might not have considered.

We will work with you to:

  • Layout the bathroom
  • Select the fixtures, stone & tile
  • Recommend contractors
  • Supervise the installation so the bathroom remodeling project becomes turnkey for you
  • Accept and inspect deliveries

Our service oriented approach ensures that your bathroom remodel is painless and enjoyable, consistent with your taste, budget and schedule.

If you want the best bathroom remodeling experience in Westchester, NY, give a call to Susan Marocco Interiors today at (914) 234-7066!